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Interview with Mr. Sueo Mizuma


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We had a special interview with Mr. Sueo Mizuma, the owner of MIZUMA ART GALLERY.

─What will you showcase at Art Basel in Hong Kong?
Mizuma: There will be works by not only Japanese artists but also some Korean and Chinese artists. A main work is an installation work with eight 60-inch TV’s done by teamLab, which is not only a group of ultra technology but also a venture firm, that Toshiyuki Inoko, who is from Tokyo University established. There also will be ‘The Non-Thinker’ (2012) by Makoto Aida and works done by Jane Lee (李綾瑄). We will have a solo show by Jane Lee (李綾瑄) this October as well.

─What do you think will be changed since the fair changed into Art Basel from Art HK?
Mizuma: I think visitors who go to Basel or Miami will come to Hong Kong as well due to Art Basel. Also, exhibiting at Art Basel in Hong Kong will be a status in Asia as an Asian gallery. As Art Basel focuses on Europe and Art Basel in Miami Beach focuses on America, there is a stable concept that Art Basel in Hong Kong focuses on Asia. Art Basel in Hong Kong is not an extension of Art Basel in Europe or in America. That is why I think 22 Japanese galleries were chosen to exhibit there.

(G-tokyo2013 MIZUMA ART GALLERY booth)

─What will you exhibit at G-tokyo 2013?
Mizuma: We needed to pay for standing a wall to exhibit for G-tokyo this time, which is held in Tokyo Midtown. We will have a solo show by Manabu Ikeda with his paintings, though I guess there are more galleries that exhibit installation works or sculptures since they do not need to have a wall. We will bring three new works and some smaller drawings. I think that more number of visitors abroad including Asia will come to the fair not only due to other two art fairs, Art Fair Tokyo and Roppongi Art Night, will be held at the same time but also due to sakura will fully bloom at the same time.

─What kind of events are you going to have abroad?
Mizuma: We will open a new space in Beijing 798 Art Zone in the late April instead of closing MIZUMA&ONE GALLERY in Cao Chang Di Village, Beijing. The new space is 120㎡ while the previous one was 500㎡. We will keep working with precious connections with Chinese artists that we have worked with.

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