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Interview with Mr. Shinji Nanzuka, Owner of NANZUKA


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We had a special interview with Mr. Shinji Nanzuka, the owner of NANZUKA in Shibuya!

─Could you tell us about the exhibition at the Art Basel show in Hong Kong?

Nanzuka: We will have a joint booth with a German gallery, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann. The regulation of joint booths says that the booth has to be at least 100㎡; we will have a small section with 20㎡in this big space to hold a solo show by Keiichi Tanaami with his early works from 1960s to 70s. Moreover, one of the main works will be a huge painting by a German female artist, Tatjana Doll, who belongs to Gebr. Lehmann and also represents our gallery.


─What exactly is a joint booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong?

Nanzuka: A joint booth is basically collaboration with an Asian gallery and a western gallery. The fair has supported Asian and western galleries to communicate with each other actively since Art HK last year. This is the first attempt for Art Basel in Hong Kong since it is the first edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong this year. There are different tastes, qualities, contents and ways of exhibiting installation works between Asian and western galleries; however, it would be great if we can show new collaboration of the East and the West in our joint booth.


─What do you expect the fair since it has changed into the Art Basel show?

Nanzuka: Art HK, which started in 2008, used to be more domestic in Asia; however, it has become one of the biggest art fairs in the world since more number of western galleries came in lately. As there will be more international art contexts this year due to Basel, it is going to be a great opportunity not only for Asian art collectors to know about western art but also for western art collectors to communicate with Asian galleries. The fair itself might change in future. Please look forward to our exhibition because we will mix western and Asian tastes of art this time.

(March 13, at NANZUKA)

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