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Interview with Ms. Yumie Wada, Owner of Wada Fine Arts


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Interview with Ms. Wada, Owner of Wada Fine Arts

―Artists from South East Asia such as Rodel Tapaya, a Filipino artist, are getting popular these days.

Wada: Yes, I sometimes visit The Philippines or Indonesia as well. Artists from South East Asia such as Rodel Tapaya, one of our represented artists, are powerful. Works by Tapaya have been purchased by people in not only The Philippines but also Europe, China, Japan, USA, Israel and some other various regions. We have sold them out four times at his solo shows; at Y++ in Beijing, Wada Fine Arts in Tokyo, Art HK 12 and Art Stage Singapore last year. I think there are some slightly different features among South East Asian countries; The Philippines seems to have a slightly western way of thinking and culture, as it is an English-speaking country. The western methodology on business, in particular the tendency in the art world is more acceptable for Japanese people. Art market keeps watch on Indonesia that has been developing the economy as there are a lot of powerful collectors in South East Asia. Indonesian artists definitely are attractive in this economic movement. I hope Japanese economy will develop due to the change of political power.

―What are you going to show in Hong Kong since it changes into Art Basel’s show?

Wada: We will have a solo show of Tetsuya Ishida. We have been showcasing works by Chinese or South East Asian artists; however, we will hold a solo exhibition by a Japanese artist as a Japanese gallery. This would be a great opportunity to present Tetsuya Ishida, who is well known internationally, to western collectors. I also have a sense of mission as one who got involved with his death in 2005. I want to repay him because he gave me a lot of precious stuff. We invited a 21-year-old Japanese dancer to perform homage to him. We realized this plan because she told me that she could not help crying when she first saw his book of paintings at a bookstore. She is a talented dancer who acquires various types of dance, graduated from a ballet school in England at the top of her class, and has even coached famous Japanese figure skater. You will be able to see her performance at the private viewing for VIP and the first day of the fair.

―That would be amazing. We are looking forward to it. So what kind of events have you been holding in Beijing?

Wada: Our gallery in Beijing, Y++, has been changed into a sort of salon that values personal relations from a big space. Personal connections are crucial on business in China. Based on the personal networks we have build up for four years, we will take another step further.

―At last, please tell us your activities in Tokyo as well.

Wada: We are going to have a group show by Anna Oya, Takafumi Hara, and Zhang Fazhi and so on at Art Fair Tokyo, which is held at Tokyo International Forum from March 22nd.

─Thank you for your time!

Wada: Thank you!

(At Wada Fine Arts, March 7th)

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