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Interview with Mrs. Atsuko Ninagawa, Owner of Take Ninagawa


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Please tell us about the exhibition at the Art Basel show in Hong Kong.

AN: Take Ninagawa will be exhibiting at one of the four sectors called Discoveries; this sector is for either solo shows or two-person shows by emerging artists. We will have a solo exhibition by Ryoko Aoki, who exhibited at documenta in 2007 and has been presented at museums and international exhibitions around the world. She is known for her installations of works on paper that have delicate lines, colors and figures. In addition, we will present her installation of three-dimensional works, which relate to the works on paper. She is also participating in the group exhibition, “TSUBAKI-KAI 2013, Sho-shin” at Shiseido Gallery in April.

How many pieces are you going to exhibit there?

AN: Although she makes many drawings, these are grouped into installations as a single work. It is still too early to say specifically how many works we will have in Hong Kong, as the artist is still making them at this moment.

Does the total number of galleries in Discoveries change this year?

AN: This year sees the first edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, and Discoveries is very much a new sector. There will be 27 galleries exhibiting in the sector, which compares to 35 that showed at ART HK last year in their sector dedicated to emerging galleries.Discoveries is not limited to artists or galleries of a specific age. . Each booth in the section is 4 meters long by 6 across..


What do you think is the fascination of Hong Kong?

AN: The success of ART HK has made Hong Kong into a center for international exchange in Asia. It is my understanding that some major art collectors who have moved for personal reasons from Europe to Hong Kong are working to develop the art community there and educate new collectors. Alongside this emerging collector base, non-profit organizations have long provided an important platform for education and exchange in the city. Among these, the most active are Asia Art Archive (AAA), a non-profit research center, and Parasite, a non-profit project space. The opening of a new museum, M+, scheduled for 2017, will further expand the local art infrastructure, and if this contributes to the development of more talented artists like Lee Kit, who is representing Hong Kong at the 2013 Venice Biennale, then I think Hong Kong will have an even stronger art scene.                             


(At Take Ninagawa on Feb 7th)

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