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Interview with Mr. Takashi Seki, the President of Est-Ouest Auctions


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Here is the other interview at Artspace @ Helu-Trans: Mr. Takashi Seki, the president of Est-Ouest Auctions.


─Please tell us about Shoko Kanazawa Exhibition planned with IKKAN Art Gallery.

Seki: I was excited to see how people in Singapore react to this exhibition. As I realized what I like her works was the strength of forms and the spirit they transmit, I thought that people who do not understand Chinese characters would also be able to enjoy them.

At the opening reception, I heard that a lot of people enjoyed them as paintings, not as Chinese characters. So I was glad to have such a great exhibition. At the same time, I wondered if it would be interesting to do it in Europe as well.

Our auction was held at the same time; I was surprised to see the works by Julian Opie and Japanese post war art were popular among people in Singapore. I felt that Singapore definitely was a high-potential market.

─So how was the auction?

Seki: I found some points to note to hold an auction in Singapore because I selected works among every genre carefully to make a total number as small as possible. Thus, it was a great auction to grab a hint to know how to do it next time.

(Jan. 27th, 2013)

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